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Musician proposal from italy

Name is Luca Valisi and following 2 different project.
I'll really like introduce hin for an eentually gig at your beautiful place!
We are just back from Paris where he was playing to Le Buzz.

Hope in your feed back.

My best,

Luca Valisi
Luca Valisi. Bassist and guitarist for Mechanics For Dreamers, L'Océan, Ludmila, released 2 solo albums produced by Nuke Satori: "Teatro d'inverno" and "Conchiglie". A delicate, refined and beautiful dreamy bass symphony that takes you through surreal, oniric and desolate landscape described with bass, sampling and looping. All tracks seem compounds for an art film and inspire meditation and silence. More than 300 concerts... from Paris to Bologna, from Milan to Dijon, from Pisa to Ljubljana, from Toulouse to Zagreb, from Marseille to Barcelona, from Rome to Geneva, from the art gallery to squat, theater, club and also festival of art and experimentation.


A new ambient/experimental/noise project

First live-set by P.U.M.A. at Entart, Zurich (Switzerland)
40 minutes performance to celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox.


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Je vous ai adressé un mail avec les coordonnées du service production de notre établissement.


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