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Deloget Marcel

Greetings: I have a very fine French viola of fifteen and a half inches signed by Marcel Deloget, Luthier Versailles (Grand Prix, Expo Paris, 1937). The label is signed by Mr. Deloget 1938. It is difficult to obtain information. Please- all information concerning Marcel Deloget would be greatly appreciated. I think he was born in Versailles, France in 1911. I believe that his instruments may have won awards at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1937. Thank you- Tony


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Réponse du 26/07/2017

Marcel Deloget (15/11/1911 in Versailles-?) received an apprentice from Charles Quenoil (1889-1959) in 1935.
In 1936, he opened his own studio in Versailles, he was still active in 1985.
While pursuing his career as a luthier (instruments of the quartet, double basses, theorbs, lutes, archi-cittern), he also devoted himself to instrument repair and restoration.
In 1938, he created his own violin model, recognizable by a fleur-de-lis. The fleur-de-lis is a homage to his native city.
In 1937, he received the gold medal at the international exhibition of Paris for a violin.
In 1938, he received a silver medal of honor.

The Music Museum of the Philharmonie de Paris has two instruments by Marcel Deloget.


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